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Lash Extensions

Are your Clients looking to simplify their beauty routine and still look amazing?


Most women want eyelashes that are thick, long, and full. Some are born with these attributes, but many others have to work at making their eyelashes appear longer than they are naturally, they also offer a dramatic look when they are lush and full. There are different types of Eyelash Extensions. The most popular extensions are called ‘singles’. They are applied one by one directly to your own natural EYELASH. When treated with proper care, these extensions will last for the full cycle of your eyelash growth. Eyelashes grow for 45 to 90 days and then become mature lashes and naturally fall out. Then they are replaced by new younger lashes which will also last 45 to 90 days and the cycle goes on. The extension will also fall out with the old natural lash. With routine touchups every 2-3 weeks, you can have amazing lashes indefinitely. 


Lash Lift


If you tried eyelash extensions? You loved them so much that you've gone back for various special occasions. You love the way the extensions look and can definitely get used to not messing with mascara and a lash curler – but the ongoing maintenance is expensive and long-term has an impact on the natural lashes. 

The Lash Lift is a new take on the old-fashioned lash perm. The traditional lash perm method required natural lashes to be wrapped around a sponge rod which can actually make lashes look short with inconsistent curls. Lash Lift is different.


Time to let go of your love hate relationship with your lash curler.

Try a lash lift and say hello to your beautiful lashes every morning fuss free.

The lashes look beautifully lifted and curled and the results lasts 4-6 weeks!


If you no longer need the lash curler, why not skip the mascara too! Adding the tint to the lashes will darken light lashes. Voila! Dark curled lashes that you will be happy to leave the house with!



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